La madrugada

Love Poetry, Poetry

El perfume de tu
piel manchó mis sabanas
ayer. Te fuiste
cuando mi zenzontle
te cantó. Al amanecer solo
encontré un hilo de tu
vestido que rompí.

It’s Overpowering

Love Poetry, Poetry

Room temperature too much
you casually took off
your sweater, exposed your skin
and a surge of lust
overtook me.
I won’t lie.

Soft, smooth.
Your hair pulled back.
So soft, so smooth.

Entranced by your Coppertone
skin tone and I
couldn’t stop thinking…
so soft, so smooth.

I’d explore you.
Find the deepness of your depth.
Define your soul.
Explore the valleys
that your hills create.

Allow me to travel
along the curves of your body.

Explore the intimacy of your self.
Explore us.
You, me

I felt lust, girl.
I won’t lie.

Como tu

Love Poetry, Poetry

El sol corre a mi
seis horas al día.

Se pasa las otras seis
huyendo de mi.

Vive un eternidad
en lo oscuro

dándome luz
cuando le conviene.

Sin razón.
Sin decir porque.

Nomas no se.
¿Qué más puedo decir?

Igual cómo tú,
no me prefiere.



I. At Night

A skeleton’s frame dancing alone
at the end of the hallway,
lit eyes filled
with chemical cream
glowing green,
into its mouth.

Imagination doesn’t sleep
seeing dark figures
in the corners of your eyes.
Turn left, look right.
A young shadow
from the marble counter.

They say we’re surrounded…

Shadow bodies pave our boulevards,
hang from our light posts,
swing from my fruit trees.


II. In the Dark

Imagine living life without sight,
sensing presence through augmented senses
and directions like a pilot.
1 o’clock, 2 o’clock, 3 o’clock,
nap time.
Imagination listens to hummingbird-wing flutter
feeling imaging vibrations through eyebrow hair.


III. In Our Dreams

Imagination falls without ever reaching bottom.
Is it falling or flying?
Is it wasting away as Time’s prey,
suffering hunger,
lean body tissue consumption,
lower rib bones peeking
into your eyes, confronting
the cold blue reflection of
your stare?

Solamente una vez

Love Poetry, Poetry

Se me fue
metiendo en mi alma
ayer. She was like a cat
moving slowly, stretching underneath
the sheet of our love.
Miraba como su cuerpo
hacia un pirámide con
cascaditas de tela pura
escurriendo de las puntas
de sus dedos.
Su pelo era fluido y manchaba
mi cuerpo con cucumber-Dove fresh scents.

I found my soul lying
as on a lily pad floating
while our bed stayed in place
y élla seguía la curva de mi calor.

Her body fell.
Her fingers rose.

We touched palms
as my hands met hers
nearing my chest.

I knew I was lost.
I knew I was gone.

Me perdí entre su movimiento
y en su mirada. Trío Los Panchos sang
at the foot of our bed. Me cantaron
como si fuera la única vez,
la única vez que nos viéramos
así, alma dentro alma.