Cien Fuegos/100 Flames

Love Poetry, Poetry

con fuego enciendes     my bad brain
mi mente, lucido y lento     shining, burning, flaming

llamas azules acarician sueños     singeing hopes, degrading purple loves to
verdes, chamuscando sentimientos heridos ennegrecidos     degenerating piles of ash and embers

como mariposa de ceniza gris     stretching wings, fluttering ash dancing
llega a descansar tu     in thermal currents, your lips
beso rubí     en my lips
labios quemados     fried, cooked
y sedientos     you extinguish me

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Tu poesia


Una cosa que debería ser

y aún es

al mismo tiempo.

Your temptation and mine

a celestial dance

between your lips

my mind

your hips

a profusion of sweat.


That’s what it is.

A labor of color


a few traces of eyeliner

an inclination to hit something

soft like a bumble bee’s flutter

un zumbido

que corre por mis pelos

standing on attention

like fear’s makeup

that cocktail of testosterone

adrenaline and coals half-cooked.

Your poetry is inescapable.

A truth that burrows

under my nails

with yesterday’s stones

nitrates that fuel photosynthesis

potassium that prevents prolonged cramps

in my mind. Your poetry is a dead fish

permeating my skin

with fumes of life’s delicacy. Your poetry is

my strength.

7. Never be jealous


(from Dokkodo, Volume 1; The Way of Walking Alone)

Aún no falta
mucho para que el celo
sea el cielo.

Falta mucho, aún
para que el cielo
sea el celo.

Mucho falta para
que el celo
no sea el cielo.

No falta mucho
para que el celo
aun sea el cielo.

Faltas mucho, cielo
para no ser
el celo.

Celo faltas, aún
para ser mi cielo.

This poem is part of my last poetry and photography chapbook, “Dokkodo; Volume 1—The Way of Walking Alone” available online at

5. Be detached from desire your whole life.

Love Poetry, Poetry

(from Dokkodo, Volume 1; The Way of Walking Alone)

Como si existiera una neblina
ante los ojos.

El no saber.

No saborear.

No poner mi lengua
en los pelos
finos de tus senos.

Jamás cargar un hueco
en mi diente
para rellenarlo con tu sabor
de piña y coco.
El azúcar café,
café y azúcar.
Remedio natural.

Niña perdida.
No tu. Yo.
Ni tuyo.

Jamás vivirás
con deseo en tu vida.
La vida entera.

Es importante vivir
sin deseo, ascético
en tus maneras,
tus manías.

This poem is part of my last poetry and photography chapbook, “Dokkodo; Volume 1—The Way of Walking Alone” available online at

Smiley Faze is Going Home – San Diego Zine Fest: October 5, 2014; 12pm–5pm


As you may or may not know, I come from sunny San Diego; North San Diego County, the city of Vista, to be exact. While North County may be a distinct experience as compared to the city of San Diego, SD is still my home.

All that said, I’m coming home on Sunday, October 5th, 2014 to represent Smiley Faze and my nonprofit, DSTL Arts, at the 2nd Annual San Diego Zine Fest.

San Diego Zine Fest 2014-flyer

Taking place from 12pm to 5pm in the Logan Heights neighborhood of San Diego (2196 Logan Ave, San Diego, CA 92113), the San Diego Zine Fest is going to be the venue in which I will be debuting a new poetry and photography chapbook that will be released in three volumes over the course of the last 3 months of the year. Ladies and gentlemen, I shall introduce you to “The Dokkodo.”

Don’t think you’re going to get a sneak peek right now though. You’ll need to be at the SD Zine Fest to be one of the first people to see and buy Volume 1.

Debuting a new chapbook alongside me that day will also be my beautiful fiancé, Jennifer Fuentes, of Crayón Literati. Her latest collection of short, memoir stories is being designed by me, and you’ll be able to buy a copy soon via my online store.

In the meantime, enjoy the rocked out video the punk-rock-happy people at the SD Zine Fest sent us all to help promote the event.

Peace, y’all.


Why Even Ask?

Love Poetry, Poetry

I could’ve told you
the same way Al Green does.

I could’ve said it
the way other couples do.
You know
looking deep
into your eyes and shit.

I could’ve even told you
the way greeting cards love cliché
but I decided to tell you
by washing the dishes and doing the laundry.

It was easier that way.