3. Do not, under any circumstances, depend on a partial feeling.


(from Dokkodo, Volume 1; The Way of Walking Alone)

a partial hand
4 fingers, no thumb

nothing between

tortillas, no cheese
or avocado

savor the maíz on its own

a lover and a mistress

no place to call home

don’t depend on a partial feeling

don’t depend
on it alone

a smile, no sparkle
her eyes. a tap on the arm
no kiss

don’t depend on a partial feeling

I need proof
I seek proof
a reason is
all I need

half way there

benefits don’t
outweigh negatives

inability to move forward

the Hamlet of life

This poem is part of my last poetry and photography chapbook, “Dokkodo; Volume 1—The Way of Walking Alone” available online at http://mkt.com/smiley-faze. Note: this poem does not appear in this way in the actual book. I took a more typographic approach for the book; here it is presented in a more linear format.

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