Writin’, it’s what we do.

We splurge on similes
and metaphors, mix
them with Ju Ju Bees
and Gummi Worms.

Attach jagged adjectives
to razor blades, gun
shrapnel, and needle pins.

We run over pronouns with BF Goodrich
tires and smear them
across gravel and pavement.

We take nouns and drown
them in marmalade
and molasses, spreading them
on 100% Whole Wheat Roman Meal bread.

We consume them.

Every phoneme. Every
letter. We digest
what we eat and
use the calories to make love
to the world. We traverse
across the Vizcayino and Sierra Madre
getting prepositions stuck to our pant legs
but that’s okay.

We’re spreading the seed.

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