Rough Ninja Times

Poetry, Unorthodox Poetry

Ninjas divide shrapnel fragments
amongst themselves nowadays
to save trips to the hardware store
for shurikens.

Shinobi told me how
he raided his older brother’s tool shed
for rakes and loose nails
so he could have a makeshift Tiger’s
Claw for scaling walls.

Sega don’t pay too well anymore.

I spoke to Scorpion last Monday.
He complained how expensive it was
becoming for him to buy
Outworld ropes and spearheads.

He claimed they fucked him over with the movie too.

This economic downturn has us all worried.
Maybe I should become an elemental ninja
like Sub-Zero and Rain, or something.
All they need is water.

Unless, of course,
Aquafina has a claim on spring water now.

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