I. At Night

A skeleton’s frame dancing alone
at the end of the hallway,
lit eyes filled
with chemical cream
glowing green,
into its mouth.

Imagination doesn’t sleep
seeing dark figures
in the corners of your eyes.
Turn left, look right.
A young shadow
from the marble counter.

They say we’re surrounded…

Shadow bodies pave our boulevards,
hang from our light posts,
swing from my fruit trees.


II. In the Dark

Imagine living life without sight,
sensing presence through augmented senses
and directions like a pilot.
1 o’clock, 2 o’clock, 3 o’clock,
nap time.
Imagination listens to hummingbird-wing flutter
feeling imaging vibrations through eyebrow hair.


III. In Our Dreams

Imagination falls without ever reaching bottom.
Is it falling or flying?
Is it wasting away as Time’s prey,
suffering hunger,
lean body tissue consumption,
lower rib bones peeking
into your eyes, confronting
the cold blue reflection of
your stare?

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