Poetry, Thoughts on Living

no, empower
no, enlighten
no, exercise
and realize who you are.

Extend wisdom
back to ancient times
and feel what it means to be
equal to the greatness
that was pre-

Elements of the future
collate and cause collateral
damage to developing psyches
erased doubt in the minds of
elementary youth.

Equal opportunities only
exist for those who come across
as some kind of
equal to the one in charge
determined to find someone
equally set on
emancipation of one self
and becoming a tool for conglomerates.

every aspect of
consciousness into
eleven factors of
true Being.

Elohim was a creator
who created me, you, and all
so why should we worry of
every little thing
He says or thinks,
especially when
everything consists of lies and plots
extermination and
everything in between.

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