1050 Rock Springs East, Apartment 119

Poetry, Thoughts on Living

El paletero with his ring-ring
his arrival, getting notice
from dirt kids outside
waiting to get sandy
hands on a Bolis.

Sitting in a 4ft by 8ft porch,
bad kids with good lives
holla, “Yo, pass the dutch”
checkin’ out shorties, asking,
“Can I get your number?
What’s your frequency?
and (quoting Andre 3000)
can I cum there frequently?”

The neighbor’s porch, a few people
remember motherlands smiling
with their eyes. Things seem better
now with one hand holding Tecate
the other holding humble hopes
and a Better Homes magazine.

Strictly for the pictures…

Ideas for a clients backyard, you know?

A window few doors down
speaks in the language of 45s
and LPs of Pérez Prado, Sonora Dinamita,
Pedro Infante and Cuco Sánchez.

Across the terrace, where kids play
on rusted swings and decorative boulders,
a couple fights
about who takes out the trash more.
¿El viejo, o la vieja?

From a door down the way,
Marco Antonio Solís sings
about the beauty of Michoacán
and Rigo Tovar sings
of his Matamoros Querido.

Better Homes becomes a coaster,
Tecate feeling fresh to the taste.

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