New World Order

Love Poetry, Poetry

I burn
the world
for you

I level
every building
as you desire

I raise
the oceans and flood
every Channel Island
every coast-side villa
every individual
ant hill

I construct in their place
a world
where your eyes are
worshipped as platters
for moonlight

la diosa Tonantzin
is jealous

turns in
her grave

Kali will never
be the same

our new world
populated by butterflies
burning in mid-flight
and transfusion is a common thing

snow storms nourish
our lives and embers
fall covering my eyes

I told you in a dream once
how thoughts of you consume
my mind as wildfire
consumes our Southern
California home

ashes converge into your image
there are pilgrimages
to your bedside and my jealousy
wipes out the world population

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